3 ideas for fixing home drainage

May 15th, 2015 by admin

Recently, the Washington Post's Tim Carter addressed the issue of home repairs that are best done in the summertime. One of these is maintenance to help drain water from the house and keep the basement from flooding. Since the winter storms will have passed by this time, and the work may include many spaces outside, warmer months could indeed be a key time to address excess water-related concerns.

Carter isn't the only one who has advice for better home drainage that will successfully alleviate the stress of accumulated water. Here are three tips that will lead homeowners to make better choices and keep the home and surrounding areas dry:

  • Divert the water from the roof: Outside the house, the gutters can be aided by rain diverters, as a This Old House video shows. Putting diversion structures in place on the roof can direct water off and give it less of a chance of leaking through.
  • Pump water out of a basement: A House Logic article on drain problems recommends utilizing both an interior drain and a pump to remove water from inside the home. Look out for water stains, as well as cracks in the foundation and other signs that water is somewhere it shouldn't be.
  • Use a French Drain: One remedy Carter suggests is installing a system that pipes the excess water under the home, through a "linear French Drain" placed below inches of earth and gravel. "Water flowing through the soil toward your home falls through the gravel down to the drain pipe," he writes. "The water would rather flow through this pipe, the path of least resistance, then force its way through the soil."

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