3 risks that home owners should watch out for

July 10th, 2014 by admin

When it comes to optimizing your home insurance in Sussex, there are many factors to consider — not least of which is the condition of the house itself. Certain risks can present dangers for the inhabitants, and are likely to drive up your insurance premiums as well. However, being aware of these potential hazards can allow you to make the necessary repairs or upgrades and improve the safety of your house while bringing down your rates.

  1. Leaky roof — If your roof hasn't been regularly maintained or repaired in the last 25 years, its likely that it is at least slightly leaky. This creates water damage inside the home, as well as opportunities for mold and other problems to develop. Insurance providers will consider how recently your roof was maintained and factor it into your insurance costs, so repairing — or having a new roof put on altogether — can be a major saver in the long run, bringing a discount as high as 20 percent according to MSN Real Estate.
  2. Old plumbing — An older plumbing system also presents risks of backup or blockages that can flood and damage the home. From mold to a burst pipe, these issues should be eliminated before they even occur by upgrading plumbing to newer PVC piping and hardware.
  3. Up-to-date electricity — An antique fuse box might seem quaint, but the insurance company is less likely to appreciate it. An out-of-code electrical system brings plenty of risks with it, and home owners should upgrade this essential utility immediately to eliminate the potential for an electrical fire and bring their insurance premiums down.