3 tips for handling wildfire damages with your home insurance

June 23rd, 2015 by admin

Homeowners insurance typically covers damage or destruction caused by fire, which includes wildfires as a "peril," which can happen almost anywhere.  The destruction of personal belongings and temporary housing during home repair/rebuilding are usually covered as well. You should always keep receipts to strengthen your claim because limits and deductibles vary by policy.

If your home has been affected by a wildfire, use these tips from Nolo.com to help you interact with your insurance company:

Ask for an advance for your eventual claim

If you had to evacuate and didn't have the chance to bring necessities (toothbrush, work clothes, etc.), your policy should cover the cost of them. You don't even have to file a claim and wait for approval, just ask an agent to bring you a check and buy replacements and keep receipts.

Mitigate damages

Your policy likely requires that you perform reasonable tasks to prevent or reduce harm to your property, so do your best to demonstrate this.

Make your insurance company act promptly

It will probably try to close your claim as soon as possible. If it's open for a long time, the odds that you'll discover another loss that was initially overlooked and file an additional claim increase. Wait a few months before allowing your claim to close and if you receive any documentation from your company saying that you're accepting a check "in full release of" your claim, adjust the language and sign/initial the document and formally state in a letter to the company that you don't consider the matter to be completely handled.

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