3 tips for inspecting a roof after winter storms

May 1st, 2015 by

A roof may have held up throughout the winter, but once the chill and the storms have passed, it's time to take a closer look. Some damage to the roof can be easy to miss, so homeowners should keep a keen eye out and be ready to take action when things fall into disrepair.

Even if there weren't any major storms in your area this year, consider taking these steps to be absolutely sure that you don't miss any possible flaws. It's better to catch these problems early on before they lead to even more damaging and costly consequences:

  • Check the entire roof: Make sure that you are taking the whole thing into consideration, inside and out, when performing an inspection. Inside the home, look for tell-tale bits of snow or moisture.
  • Consider the material: Not all roofs may require the same amount of attention. Depending on the material they are made of and the way they are oriented, each roof will bring its own concerns with it. As an example, the Derby Telegraph notes that thatch roofs don't require much maintenance, and flat roofs can be prone to leaking. If the roof has many tiles, homeowners should look out for individual tiles that may have been warped or damaged.
  • Prevent pipe issues:  In an article for the Plain Dealer, Julie Washington recommends paying attention to possible sources of water leaks within the structure of the home. "Take a look at rubber collars that seal around pipes venting through the roof; they can break down and allow water inside the house," she writes. "Sealant can help extend the life of the collars until they are replaced."

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