6 tips to increase your energy efficiency and save money this winter

December 5th, 2014 by admin

Winter is here in Atlantic Canada, which usually brings higher energy bills, and with it, nervousness among homeowners. Yet, this doesn't need to be the case. The following are simple steps you can take to increase your energy efficiency and save money, as compiled from Consumers Energy:

  • Hire someone to check your heating system every winter.
  • Regularly clean your furnace and replace the furnace filter each heating season. Furnaces need to be able to "breathe." Your furnace manufacturer's manual usually provides cleaning directions. When comparing replacement filter options, look at those that are energy efficient. Ratings of at least 90 percent are optimal. 
  • If you have furniture, carpeting and curtains that are blocking heat registers and air return ducts, make sure to move them. 
  • Be sure that you're not overheating your home or overworking your furnace. Supplemental heating equipment, including space heaters, can be useful for more difficult to heat areas.
  • Close exterior doors, along with those to your attic, basement and garage. This will help your home retain a greater amount of heat and reduce cold drafts.
  • While a less obvious solution, ceiling fans offer another way for keeping your room at a comfortable temperature. Set your ceiling fan to a slow setting, which will circulate warm air around the room, resulting in a more even heat distribution. 

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