7 helpful home repair tips

March 12th, 2015 by

Knowing how to take care of simple home repairs is important. In a recent article for Houselogic, an American home improvement website, Lisa Kaplan Gordon, runs through some common problems homeowners should know how to fix. 

  • Fixing a leaky toilet: If you find that water is leaking from the bottom of the toilet tank, the Fluid Master instructs homeowners to use a pipe wrench and tighten the locknut, turning it one-fourth more. After this, be sure to dry the area and check that there is no leaking. 
  • Repairing drywall holes: "The hardest part of drywall repair is making the patch flush with the existing wall," Gordon writes. "A 'pumpkin patch' is an easy repair that cuts down on sanding."
  • Adjusting cabinet doors: Often changes in humidity are responsible for doors not closing properly. With a screwdriver, you can easily solve this problem.
  • Opening a stuck window: When paint, dust or moisture build up, windows are more likely to stick. A utility knife or pizza cutter will do the trick of removing old paint. However, "Be careful not to gouge the wood sash," explains Gordon, adding: "If high humidity is making windows hard to move, run a humidifier that sucks moisture out of air."
  • Stopping a leaking faucet: Dripping faucets are significant wasters of water, as much as five gallons a day, according to Gordon. It's best to have a long-term solution to the problem, but a temporary one is to put a string around the faucet and allow it to fall intro the drain. Slowly, the dripping water will flow down the string. 
  • Silencing door squeaks: Another common nuisance homeowners report is squeaky doors. You can put WD-40 or white lithium grease on the door's hinges, which should get rid of the noise. Olive oil will also work, if you don't have these other solutions on hand.
  • Turning off the water main line: Arguably, this is one of the most important parts of your home to be proactive with. Kaplan strongly advises homeowners to not "wait until water gushes into your house to search for the main water line," saying "when things are calm and dry, locate and practice turning it on and off."

By knowing how to solve these common home problems, you can prevent bigger, more costly problems from occurring down the line. Of course there are some maintenance projects that are always better left to professionals, as Bob Parks of the DIY Network lists and discusses:

  • Attic weatherproofing
  • Bringing more sunlight into your home
  • Changing your water heater
  • Sealing ducts
  • Adding a sun room

Changing the water heater is one project professionals definitely are better prepared to handle. Switching out a traditional electric storage heater might be a project you can complete in a weekend if you're really committed, however, "changing to a whole new water heating system requires a professional," Parks asserts.

Trying to get more sunlight into your home is a worthwhile project, but dealing with the roofing and structural issues can prove tricky. If you hire a contractor for the job, they'll usually charge $1,000 per skylight. 

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