About Us

Company Profile

Carleton-Fundy Mutual Insurance is headquartered in Sussex, New Brunswick, with additional sales offices in Rothesay and Bath, New Brunswick.   We have been serving the insurance needs of New Brunswickers for over 70 years. Our proactive, preventative approach to insurance has led to us to gain success and respect in our community.

Our story began in the 1930’s, a time when property insurance was simply unavailable to rural New Brunswickers. To meet this need, the farmers of the province decided to pool resources and form an insurance company. In order to provide maximum accessibility, four offices were opened in different reaches of the province. Eventually, each became its own company, with a quarter of the province its trading area.

The affairs of Carleton-Fundy Mutual Insurance are directed by its policy holders/owners. To oversee the operations of Carleton-Fundy Mutual Insurance and to protect our clients’ interests, policy holders annually elect a board of directors from amongst our member base.

Vision Statement

“An innovative, member owned and directed company, delivering competitive insurance products in a personal manner, with a unique focus on prevention of loss for the protection of people in our communities.”

To accomplish our vision, we:

  • Provide & maintain protection for our members
  • Weave proactive measures into our approach in order to prevent loss
  • Maintain and improve the stability of our reserves
  • Provide long term opportunity for employees
  • Provide support for the community