Canadian auto thefts increase by 6 percent this past year.

Auto Theft Rates Rise In Canada

December 12th, 2016 by

Canadian auto thefts increase by 6 percent this past year.

Bad news for Canadian drivers: the Insurance Bureau of Canada reported‚Äč that auto theft rates have increased slightly for the second consecutive year.

The IBC announced in a press release that the number of stolen vehicles in Canada increased by 6 percent over the past year to a total of 78,849. This jump comes on the heels of a decade-long decrease in auto theft.

The IBC added that Alberta saw the largest increase in the country of 32 percent, while Price Edward Island saw an increase of 19 percent. The most commonly stolen vehicles in the country are Ford trucks – specifically F-350 Super Duty models from recent years.

No one wants to get their car stolen. It's a massive inconvenience both in the short and long term, as you must figure out how to get around without you car and then purchase a new one. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some tips for avoiding car theft:

  • Think about where you park. If you keep your car in your locked garage at home, thieves will have a harder time getting at it. However, when away from home, park in highly visible areas so thieves wont feel as if they can get any privacy while breaking in.
  • Lock your wheels and pedals. You can purchase locks that can be set to prevent your steering wheel from turning or your pedal from moving. They will slow down anyone who happens to gain access to your car.
  • Etch a visible VIN. Sometimes, thieves just want to steal your car so they can sell it for scrap later. Etching a VIN on the glass and other parts of the car makes this much harder to get away with.

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