Avoid a dangerous car fire with these safety tips

August 31st, 2015 by admin

Vehicle fires are every car owner's worst nightmare. When a car goes up in flames, it can be extremely dangerous for drivers and passengers while inflicting irreparable damage on the vehicle. As scary as they can be, however, most car fires can be prevented with smart decision-making. In this article, we will walk you through some keys to preventing a fire in your vehicle, as well as some flag-raising warning signs that could indicate your car is at an increased risk of fire. 


Lack of maintenance, not accidents, causes most car fires. Have your car regularly serviced by a professionally trained mechanic to keep it in proper order. If you notice your car is not running properly or that it has a leak, get it checked out, even if it is in between your regularly-scheduled visits. 

If you have to transport gasoline in your car, only transport a small amount at a time. Store the gasoline in a sealed, certified gas can in the back seat or trunk and open a window for ventilation before you go. 

Never park your car where flammables, like grass or brush) are touching the catalytic converter. It can heat up the flammables, potentially starting a fire that could spread to your vehicle. 

Red flags

Most car fluids are flammable, so heat and electrical sparks plus leaking fluid are all it takes to start a car fire. If you notice any of these danger signs, get your car to a mechanic to have the problem fixed as soon as possible:

  • Cracked or loose wiring or electrical problems, such as a fuse that blows more than once
  • Oil or fluid leaks
  • Rapid changes in engine temperature
  • Sudden fluctuations in fluid or fuel levels.

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