Planning a move can help ease the transition.

Avoid these moving missteps

September 6th, 2016 by

Planning a move can help ease the transition.

The process of moving can be a messy and chaotic time, made even worse by lack of planning. Before you pull up stakes with your family and relocate, consider these common missteps and how to best avoid them:

Not forwarding your mail
Putting in an official change of address with your local mail carrier is often left to the last minute – or forgotten entirely. This can be dangerous as you run the risk of missing bills and other important correspondences. To ensure that you are following the proper federal and provincial protocol, check out this handy checklist, provided by Service Canada.

Moving everything all at once
Typically there is at least some overlap between move-in to your new home and the hard exit you have to make from your former residence. Try scheduling a few different moving shifts, as well as some time after everything has been moved into the new house for you to return to your old home and give it a final walk through to make sure you got everything.

Including the essentials with everything else
Unpacking everything can take weeks, which is why it makes sense to pack a smaller, separate bag with all your living and grooming essentials. A toothbrush, soap and shampoo and a change of clothes can help you get settled in to a new home more quickly and easily. 

Not talking to your insurance provider
Talking to your homeowners insurance before a move is crucial for several reasons. Your policy wont take effect in the new location unless you notify your broker of the change of address. If your new home is of greater or lesser value than your previous one, this may change your premiums and overall coverage. Finally, talk to your home insurance broker about whether or not your valuables are protected while in transit from the old house to the new. 

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