Keep these issues in mind when considering a tree near your home.

Be Aware Of Tree Hazards

November 14th, 2016 by

Keep these issues in mind when considering a tree near your home.

Do you have trees growing in your yard? Do you want to plant some? The right tree can be an excellent addition, offering shade in the summer and a charming, rustic look to your landscape during the rest of the year. 

But there are some structural and safety issues to keep in mind if you have trees near your home. Sudden falling branches can be an issue, as can root overgrowth. If you are going to keep trees, you need to be aware of certain hazards and learn how to recognize their signs and prevent them from getting worse.

Roots Near Foundation 
Roots grow slowly, but they can put a significant amount of pressure on structures around them. This is especially true as they absorb water and expand. Even as strong as your foundation is, there is a risk that a tree located too close can crack it. 

A bigger problem, however, is the state of the soil around your tree. Even if your foundation is strong enough to withstand a probing root, the tree is still removing moisture from the soil. This can cause the soil to contract substantially, which may lead to your foundation shifting in a dangerous manner.

Tree Falling
A healthy tree is surprisingly strong, able to withstand fierce storms and high winds. But if a tree near your home isn't healthy, you need to identify it so you can take appropriate safety measures.

Look out for exposed roots or cracked soil on one side, as this could be a sign that the tree is leaning. You may also notice dead branches or leaves. Try pruning branches to prevent trees from leaning too far in one direction.