This article covers the best summer road trip destinations in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Best summer road trips destinations

June 30th, 2016 by

This article covers the best summer road trip destinations in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The nice weather and time off from work during summer makes it the perfect time to take a road trip with friends or family. No matter where you are located, it is likely that a charming destination is right around the corner from you. Pack the car, buckle up and take a journey with us through the best road trip destinations in the United States and the United Kingdom. 


  • Route 66 – If you are looking for true American adventure, look no further than the historic Route 66 highway. Commonly referred to as the "Main Street of America," this highway was one of the first in the country. You can start in California or Illinois and make your way through the Heartland. While Route 66 is mostly a tourist drive these days, it still has plenty of things to do along the way. Some of the attractions that are still popular today include Abraham Lincoln's tomb in Springfield, Illinois, the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri, Galena's Haunted Bordello in Kansas and Pop's Soda Shop in Oklahoma. 
  • Coast to Coast – Those with an appetite for big adventure can tackle a cross-country road trip. A journey from West Coast to East Coast or vice versa is sure to leave you with memories you will never forget. There are a number of routes you can take, depending on which parts of the country you want to see or what experiences you want to have. Just be sure to plan ahead, as this isn't a weekend trip.
  • Highway 1 in California – For one of the most stunning drives in the continental U.S., take a trip up California's Highway 1. This will take you along some of the most popular beaches in the state. Additionally, you will get to see Big Sur, the location that inspired some of Jack Kerouac's most popular writing. There will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures along the way, and you can try some of the country's best seafood at the restaurants on the route. 


  • The route to Skye – Scotland as a whole is a gorgeous country, but the Highlands themselves have a particular beauty. One of the loveliest spots in the region is the Isle of Skye. To get to this picturesque locale, one only has to hop on route at Invergarry and drive north. It is the quintessential Scottish road trip experience. 
  • Dartmoor National Park – A drive through this national treasure will leave you breathless at almost every turn. As you cruise along the countryside, you might see wild horses and other animals. You will also have the chance to explore Bronze Age stone circles and the sites of Neolithic tombs. The sunsets in the area are some of the most spectacular in the United Kingdom, so a drive through Dartmoor will never disappoint.
  • The EVO Triangle – This link between the A5, the A543 and the B4501 is frequently cited as one of the best driving roads in the world. Drivers will find this route nestled in the moors of North Wales. The winding roads take you through kilometer after kilometer of awe-inspiring scenery. However, if rolling hills and endless sky aren't really your thing, no problem. You may be lucky enough to witness a test drive by EVO Magazine, the publication for which the triangle is named.

Before you hit the road, though, be sure to get your car inspected to ensure it is fit for the road. You should also check that your car is protected with reliable auto insurance. Nothing ruins a holiday faster than having an accident and discovering you are uninsured. To discuss your policy options or to learn more, visit today.