Canadians report high levels of satisfaction with auto claims process

July 15th, 2014 by admin

On the heels of June news that Americans' satisfaction with auto insurers is at a record high, J.D. Power & Associates' market research, released today, finds a similar increase for Canadian auto insurance providers.

On J.D. Power's 1,000-point-scale, Canadian customers' overall satisfaction with the auto claims process is 798, reports Insurance & Technology. This is an 11-point increase over the number for 2013. Particularly of note is that clients who recently undertook a claim rate their insurer 40 points higher than their counterparts who haven't filed a claim.

Factors that go into creating a positive claims experience for customers include good vendor relationships, fast settlement and short vehicle return times. 

Jeremy Bowler, senior director of the insurance practice at J.D. Power, explains to the press that customers' experience with third party vendors, including repair shops, tow operators, and rental companies, are especially critical to their overall experience. This is why it is incumbent on insurance providers to establish strong relationships with these third parties. Bowler explains: "Often customers perceive the quality of the service they receive from the fulfillment partners also reflects on the insurer, and as such, blame the insurer if service fails to meet their expectations."

The Insurance Bureau of Canada reminds customers making claims that they must submit them within 90 days of the accident. If the particular claim is directed against another driver, you should notify that individual and his or her insurance company. If you have already purchased Collision or All Perils coverage, your insurance provider will cover the costs of repairs. However, you must wait for authorization from your insurance provider, who will inspect the damage, before you may proceed in ordering repairs to protect the automobile from any further loss.

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