Child safety tips [Video] [Video]

October 27th, 2015 by admin

Hello, and welcome back!

Last time, we discussed a few ways parents could keep their little ones safe from some drowning and fall hazards present in every house. This week, let’s review some steps you can take to eliminate the risk of electrical shock

An electrical shock can occur whenever a child touches an electrically charged object while also touching a surface that can conduct the electricity to the ground. To minimize these hazards, parents can use proper grounding and electrical safety devices. 

To reduce the risk of accidental shock, use plastic covers to block electrical outlets when they are not in use. Damaged appliances and electrical cords can easily shock even those who are aware of the damage. To keep your child from incurring an accidental shock, repair or discard these items as soon as they are discovered. 

For more safety tips like this, be sure to check back soon!