As a mutual company, all our profits go back into keeping our rates as affordable and consistent as possible. Part of this mandate is discounts. We invest a lot of time and effort into helping our clients to save money on their insurance. Talk to us to find out what discounts may be available to you. We want to learn about you and find any way possible to help you save money!

Our discounts include:

  • Loyalty – When you renew your policy with us, we recognize your loyalty is remaining with us.
  • Multi-vehicle – Save when you insure more than one of your vehicles with us.
  • Seniors – Those in their golden years are among the lowest-risk road users, which we recognize with this discount.
  • Mature drivers – Experienced, safe drivers deserve recognition, which we give by saving you money on your insurance.
  • Claims free – If you have never had to make a claim, we will discount your policy.
  • Exclusive electric heat –  If you only heat your home using an electric system, we will discount your insurance.
  • Alarm system – Added security means lowered risk, and a lowered rate for you.
  • Auto and property combination – Combine your vehicle and home/business insurance with us, and save.
  • New home – Just purchased a property? Our housewarming gift to you is insurance savings.
  • Increased deductible – The larger your deductible, the better rate we are able to offer on your insurance.