Don’t get caught off guard by a storm this autumn

September 28th, 2015 by admin

While its vibrant foliage and golden sunlight give autumn a strong case for being the most beautiful season in Canada, its storms can turn ugly in a hurry. The best way to protect your home and family during storm season is to be prepared, as a squall's sudden onset can leave you with little time to take action. Luckily, if you plan ahead, these simple tips can go a long way toward protecting your family and your home from damaging severe weather. 

Trim trees or branches around your house

Storms can whip up severe gusts that threaten the stability of the trees on your property. To minimize the risk falling branches pose to your home, keep trees trimmed back away from the perimeter of your roof. Remember, your safety is paramount, so contact a qualified and insured arborist or tree surgeon for advice if necessary. 

Keep your roof in good shape 

When clearing your gutters this fall, take a close look at your roof for damage. You may need to fix tiles that have been cracked, broken or displaced by summer storms. If you notice dirt built up around certain tiles you may want to remove it, as it can block important drainage channels. Working on a roof can be dangerous, so contact an expert if you have any doubt about your ability to check or repair your roof.

Prepare a home emergency kit

It can be difficult to find important items in a power outage or if you need to leave home in a hurry. To make it easier, gather these items beforehand in a sturdy, waterproof container, and keep it in an easy to access location. Remember to at least include flashlights, essential medications and prescriptions, important documents and your emergency plans. 

Know your insurance policy

No matter how many precautions you take, damage can occur, so it's important to know what you are covered for before a storm hits. Take some time to review the type of coverage you have, for both the contents of your home and the building itself. Your homeowners insurance policy may not cover certain events specific to your location, such as flash flood, storm water runoff, landslides or damage to property by trees. Contact your home insurance broker to learn more about your specific insurance policy and to inquire about any necessary additional coverage you might need. 

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