Get your fender-benders fixed as soon as you can.

Don’t Wait To Fix Your Bumpers

December 6th, 2016 by

Get your fender-benders fixed as soon as you can.

Fender-benders happen to the best drivers. Usually, no one gets hurt, and the only casualties are the pristine looks of the cars involved.

Fixing cosmetic issues on your bumpers can be a hassle, and it may be tempting to ignore them. After all, aren't there better uses for the insurance money? However, you should know that some seemingly innocuous dents can actually impair your car's ability to protect you in future accidents.

Bumpers aren't just their to round out your car's exterior and give it a nice look. They also act as a cushion of sorts. Modern cars use crumple zones to blunt the force of impact and protect passengers from the worst of it. In combination with seatbelt and airbags, this means that many crashes are survivable.

The problem is that if your bumper is damaged – either because it is severely dented or even handing off your car – its ability to blunt the impact of crashes is severely limited. And in some instances, this could mean the difference between life and death.

Even smaller crashes can be more of a problem. While they may not threaten the car's occupants, the lack of a functional bumper will lead to more cosmetic damage than might have otherwise occurred. Do you like keeping your car in the best condition possible? Then don't let small issues develop into bigger ones.

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