Home Savings

No one sees your home like we do.

The Carleton- Fundy Mutual difference…
We believe home insurance must start with doing everything in our power to prevent anything from endangering the people and possessions you hold dear. Our free home-safety spot checks identify the warning signs in your home before they become problems. This allows us to offer lower premiums and make your home safer. We do this for every single policy we write.

  • WE OFFER GREAT DISCOUNTS. Only use electric heat? New home? Claims Free? These are just a few of the ways you can qualify for sizable discounts on your insurance.
  • WE’RE A MUTUAL COMPANY. That means we don’t have to increase premiums just to satisfy shareholders. Our profits go back into keeping rates affordable and stable, year over year.
  • WE’RE RIGHT HERE. We’re insurance experts who also happen to be your neighbours. We know southern New Brunswick like our own backyard – because it is. This often means we can offer better coverage at a lower price.