How risky is using your cell phone behind the wheel? A look inside the numbers

May 21st, 2014 by admin

The risks associated with talking on your cell phone are fairly well-known, and if one were to look inside the numbers they would see not only how risky the practice is, but how prevalent it is as well.

An infographic published in the online publication Drivesteady has collected extensive research conducted on the subject. According to the numbers, 95 percent of auto accidents are caused by driver behavior. In these cases, 50 percent are caused by distracted drivers. The vast majority of annual car crashes — approximately 1.4 million — are caused by cell phone conversations. Meanwhile, only 200,000 are caused by texting, which likely means that talking is simply more prevalent than texting behind the wheel, namely because motorists think holding their phones to their ear while driving isn't all that dangerous.

Roughly 85 percent of surveyed drivers said they use their phones occasionally while driving. While most stick to using their devices on back roads while moving at slower speeds, 30 percent said they use their phones while on the highway. Perhaps the most shocking statistic is that 30 percent of respondents said they use their phone more than half the time they are behind the wheel, even though 84 percent said they believe using their devices while driving increases their risk of having an accident.

Drivers who use their devices are four times as likely to get into accidents that seriously injure themselves. As a result, automobile insurance rates can be significantly impacted. Staying off the phone can help drivers maintain their focus on the road, reduce risk and help obtain an affordable car insurance quote.