To keep the good times rolling on the Fourth of July, check out some of the safety tips in this article.

How to have a fun and safe Fourth of July

June 14th, 2016 by

To keep the good times rolling on the Fourth of July, check out some of the safety tips in this article.

Americans gather with friends and family every year on the Fourth of July to celebrate the date that the country's forefathers declared independence from Great Britain. It's a festive day filled with fireworks, barbecues and patriotism. However, the National Safety Council reported that this holiday is one of the most dangerous days of the year. To keep the good times rolling and to make sure everything goes off with a bang this Independence Day, check out some of the safety tips below:

Fireworks and fire pits 
What would July Fourth be without fireworks? If your region allows you to set them off, there are a couple of safety measures you should take. The most important is to have some water nearby in the event of a fire. If you are allowing young children to participate in setting of fireworks, there should always be an adult around for supervision. If a firework does not explode on first lighting, do not attempt to relight it. You should also work with your neighbors to establish a lighting zone that is clear of trees, cars, house and crowds. Additionally, if you plan to use a fire pit to toast some s'mores or keep warm when the sun goes down, make sure someone is watching it at all times. 

Many families take their celebrations outside on the Fourth of July, but the outdoors isn't always the best environment for food. If you are serving meats or other perishable items outside, be sure to monitor how long they have been left in the sun. No one wants food poisoning to ruin the festivities. Medic Alert Foundation also reminded grill masters in the family to ensure that all meat is completely thawed before it is put on the grill, as this will help prevent undercooking.

If you and your family are traveling via car on the holiday, be aware that there will likely be traffic. Appoint a rested and alert driver to man the vehicle, and if you are going long distances, take shifts to avoid driver fatigue. Those families that are traveling locally need to be cautious of young children playing in the street and of lit fireworks. Keep in mind that certain roads may be closed for larger city-wide celebrations. However, this information should be available on a local government's website, so you can plan around it.

Being outdoors 
Fun in the sun is all part of the Independence Day tradition, but too much sun can ruin the fun. Try to arrange your outdoor area so that there is always a spot with shade. Encourage guests and family members to apply sunscreen and wear hats to avoid sunburn. If anyone appears to be getting overheated, take them indoors to cool off. As the day cools and the bugs come out, make DEET bug spray available, or burn citronella lanterns to keep the mosquitos and other pests away.

Adult party-goers often partake in the consumption of alcohol on the holiday, which makes assigning a designed driver for the evening a must. This individual can make sure everyone gets home safely, and that no one is misusing fireworks because of the influence of alcohol. You should also keep a cooler full of water bottles around so everyone can stay hydrated.

Let freedom ring this July Fourth! You can keep your friends and family safer during the holiday by following the tips above. And make sure you get home and auto insurance so you are protected in the event of a Fourth of July mishap.