Take these precautions so your car door doesn't freeze this winter.

How to Prevent Your Car Doors From Freezing

December 30th, 2016 by

Take these precautions so your car door doesn't freeze this winter.

Ever try to get in your car in the dead of winter, only to discover the the doors were frozen shut? Nothing can ruin a cold, snowy day faster.

In most cases, frozen doors aren't solely due to the weather – though it is more likely when the temperature drops far below freezing. The problem often stems from rubber gaskets on the edge of the doors which lack a proper seal. If water is allowed to leak in, it can freeze and hold the whole mechanism shut. 

This can be a difficult problem to fix, so prevention is always the best option. Here are some tips for protecting your car door from freezing when you have to park outside in the winter:

  • Regularly inspect rubber gaskets. Gaskets can wear away over time, and it only takes a little cracking or tearing before moisture can get in. But even if they are in good shape, gaskets can also get dirty, This may prevent them from making a good seal, and requires regular cleaning.
  • Use lubricant. A good oil coating can prevent gaskets from cracking. If oil isn't available, silicone sprays are affordable and are also effective at keeping moisture out.
  • Cover your car when feasible. Your preventative measures might not work if you let your car get covered in snow, which will then melt and possibly leak inside. Keep it covered with a tarp when not in use. This will also make it much easier to clean after a heavy storm!

If your door ever does get frozen shut, try scraping away external ice with a scraper, then follow up by spraying a window de-icer at the frozen seams. If all else fails, plug a hair dryer into an extension cord and try to melt the ice that way.

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