How to protect your home during flood season

March 11th, 2014 by admin

As we move deeper into March, the temperature is starting to warm up and people are coming out of their homes to enjoy the spring weather. Unfortunately, in many areas, the warmer weather comes with an increased risk of flooding. In locations that experienced a deep freeze this winter, the ground may take longer to completely thaw, which means it will be more difficult for it to absorb water from the rain and melting snow. If there's no place else for it to go, the water may wind up in your home. 

No one should allow water to ruin what's otherwise a very pleasant time of year. Below are tips to protect your home from flooding this spring:

  • Keep valuables off your basement floor: If your home suffers any flooding this year, your basement will probably be the area that gets hit the hardest. Most people use their basement for storage if it isn't finished or deigned for another use. If you use it for storage, make sure your valuable items are elevated. The last thing you want is to discover that the television you're storing in your basement was ruined by an inch of water.
  • Keep a pump on hand: If water does make it into your home, you will want to make sure you get it out as soon as possible. Don't find yourself frantically running around your local hardware store looking for a pump during flood season. Being prepared ahead of time will help mitigate any potential damage. 
  • Waterproof your home with proper doors, windows and walls: Of course, your ultimate goal is to prevent water from coming in at all. Obtaining flood-proof doors and windows, along with water-proof sealant that you can apply to your home, may require you to pay initial costs, but they will significantly reduce flood risk and help save you tremendously in the future.