How to reduce risks in your garage

May 22nd, 2014 by admin

A garage can be a great asset in a house, but it can also add risk. If not properly maintained, your garage could pose several threats to the safety and security of your property. Here are a few simply ways to mitigate those risks and ensure you pay a lower homeowners insurance rate.

Secure all doors and windows – The garage is a popular destination for criminals because they view it as easy access to your home. If they find a way into your garage, they might be able to break into the main section of your house from there. If you leave a key stored inside near the connecting door to your home, make sure it is well hidden. Meanwhile, it's crucial to lock all windows and doors to your garage when you are out. Easy access for when you get home is not worth the risk of leaving your house vulnerable to a break-in.

 Be careful what you store and where you store it – The garage can be a great place for storage, but you want to make sure you aren't keeping valuables in harm's way. The home is ultimately more secure. Also, potentially hazardous items like chemicals, paint or tools that run on gasoline tend to be kept in the garage. Make sure they aren't in position to cause any damage by having chemicals or gasoline spill anywhere.

Be mindful of carbon monoxide – Your vehicles and other gas-powered machines can emit dangerous fumes that can make you sick if they seep into your home. Without fair warning, these toxic fumes could make you sick or even cause death. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector and that your garage is properly sealed to prevent any dangerous fumes from entering your house.