IBC reminds motorists to lock their cars

December 8th, 2014 by admin

Recently, we discussed how the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is promoting a safety awareness campaign this holiday season, reminding Canadians to keep their personal belongings in sight at all times. The IBC is also promoting "Lock it, or Lose it," advising motorists to protect their vehicles and the contents inside. Not taking these precautions and leaving valuables in view can serve as an invitation to thieves, the agency warns.

The regional campaign is a joint effort by law-enforcement, crime-prevention and commercial partners.

Amanda Dean, IBC vice-president, Atlantic, affirms the important role insurance professionals play in the efforts.

"The insurance industry is proud to work with our community partners to support the Lock It or Lose It campaign," she said. "Leaving your vehicle unlocked or valuables in sight are an open invitation to thieves. While auto theft is declining in some areas, motorists should remain vigilant."

As part of the campaign, signs have been posted in busy parking lots reminding drivers to lock their vehicles, take their keys with them and remove any valuables in sight.

Here are the IBC's top 10 tips to protect your vehicle:

  • Ensure your doors are always locked and the key is in your pocket.
  • Always park in well-lit areas.
  • Always roll up your car windows.
  • Never leave money in plain sight.
  • Put shopping bags and other parcels in the trunk.
  • Ensure your GPS and other electronic devices are out of sight.
  • Keep your vehicle registration certificate and proof of insurance on you.
  • Take your cellphone with you.
  • Never leave your vehicle running when unattended.
  • If you frequently park in the same parking lot, park in a different spot each day.

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