Insurance needs during the fall season

September 3rd, 2014 by admin

With the official start of Fall less than a month away on September 23, many New Brunswick homeowners are beginning to prepare for the season. Certain home insurance needs also arise during the Fall. We've discussed recently how individuals can prepare for severe weather. Now we will discuss two other fall insurance risks you should limit: fire and risks to roofs.

  • Fires: The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) reports that it's been one of worst years on record for fires. Hot and dry conditions have increased the incidence and spread of the disasters, reports QMI Agency. The Agency also reports that Northwest territories have been hit especially hard by the blazes. In addition, in July, residents were forced to evacuate areas of British Columbia and Alberta. It is equally important to limit the risk during the Fall. HomeStar Insurance Services reports that while first three months pose the greatest fire risk to homes, the last month of fall also poses a high risk. In part this is due to smoking in homes as well as heating devices which are either not working or are turned on too high.
  • Risks to roofs: While foliage is a hallmark of the season, falling leaves, in large quantities, can cause damage to your roof. "The buildup of leaves, pine needles and sticks on a roof basically creates a mulch pile. Sadly, if these materials aren't removed, they can keep a roof damp and cause damage to the shingles," HomeStar explains.

For roof cleaning, we advise that you hire trained professionals, as there are dangers to doing the work yourself. For all of your home insurance needs, contact the experts at Fundy Mutual. Our agents look forward to helping with the range of your insurance questions.