Keep your home secure with these inexpensive safety upgrades

August 25th, 2015 by admin

While the prospect of installing a home security system can seem daunting at first glance, just a little time and money can actually go a long way to making your home safer. In this post we'll identify several home security tips you can implement even if you're short on time or money. 


1. Light up the entrance to your home

Lighting can not only deter burglars who would rather work in the dark without the threat of being seen, but it can give the impression that people are home even when the house is empty. Motion sensing lights can stop robbers in their tracks by flooding your driveway with light when someone approaches. Automatic timers, on the other hand, can control lights inside or outside of your house to keep up the illusion that someone is home. 

2. Install deadbolts

While more expensive than spring latch locks, deadbolts are much stronger and provide a higher level of security than the locks that may be built into your doors. For ideal protection, equip all exterior doors with a one-inch deadbolt lock. 

3. Keep door hinges inside 

If your doors have their hinges on the outside, burglars have easy access to tamper with them and gain easy access to your home. You can remedy this by simply removing the door and resetting the hinges on the interior side.

4. Find a new place for your spare key

Professional robbers know the most common places people store their spare keys: under the mat, in the mailbox, etc. Get creative and find a new spot! 


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