Vacation is about getting away, and a home insurance plan can help make your time away even more relaxing.

Keeping your home safe while you’re on vacation

June 27th, 2016 by

Vacation is about getting away, and a home insurance plan can help make your time away even more relaxing.

As summer gets into full swing, many families are packing up to enjoy vacations. When you and your loved ones are away and enjoying your break, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your home. In fact, Safe Guard the World reported that most home burglaries occur in the summer months when families are gone. However, you could avoid becoming part of this statistic and help keep your home safer when you are gone by reading the following tips: 

Be smart online 
In the digital age, many would-be criminals have taken to the internet to find their latest prey. If you post that you and your family are planning a trip, you could become a target. When traveling, avoid posting any dates or specifics on social media. This could give the burglars an open window and result in a break-in. Remember, even though your accounts may be set to a high privacy setting, it may not stop determined prying eyes.

Enlist the help of friends 
If you have pets that need to be looked after, you may have already arranged for a friend or family member to stop by your home daily. This is a great way to keep your home safe while you're away. Even those without pets should find an individual to come by their house once a day to check on the house, turn lights on and off and generally give the residence the appearance of having someone inside. The best solution, however, is to get a house sitter who can be with your house as much as you would if you were at home. 

Get rid of obvious signs of an absence 
A pileup of newspapers and mailboxes overflowing with mail can be a welcome sign to burglars. To avoid signaling to predators that your house is sitting empty, call your local post office. You can tell them that you are going on vacation and would like to place a hold on your mail. When you return, you can pick up your packages and letters, knowing that they were kept safe and your house was not made an unnecessary target. The same applies to newspaper subscriptions. Call the provider and have them pause your papers until your return.

Invest in an alarm system 
A burglar alarm can be a huge deterrent for criminals, especially if you post signage indicating its presence. Moreover, an alarm system will alert the authorities if anyone does try to break in to your home. Not only could this prevent the loss of your valuables, some insurance companies offer discounted rates to homeowners who install an alarm system. 

Take caution with electronics and appliances
Not all threats to your home are external. When you are planning to leave for longer than a weekend, consider unplugging major appliances. Smaller kitchen appliances and other major electronics have the potential to surge, causing power outages or fires. By unplugging these devices before you go on vacation, you could easily prevent a disaster. Additionally, if you and your family are traveling in the winter, consider installing insulation on your pipes to prevent damage from the harsh temperatures. You should also enlist a friend to come by and check that the pipes have not burst.

Vacations should be a time to relax and enjoy your time away from home. By following the advice in this article, you could help keep your home safe while you are away. If you wanted even more peace of mind, you should ensure that you have a reliable home insurance plan to cover accidents, break-in and more.