Don't find yourself stuck on the side of the road!

Key aspects of roadside assistance

September 6th, 2016 by

Don't find yourself stuck on the side of the road!

Along with a valid license and car insurance, roadside assistance is a vital aspect of being a motorist. For non-emergency situations not involving another driver, the ability to call for fast, reliable service to get your vehicle back on the road quickly can be a life-saver. 

The need for roadside assistance can even surge alongside the seasons: AAA recently observed that roadside assistance calls increased significantly in response to the hot weather, resulting in dead batteries and flat tires. Extreme heat can sap battery life while also reducing tire pressure.

"Anytime [the vehicle] goes in for service, ask them to change the battery, check the battery overtime, and let it sit overnight to check it," AAA battery service technician Mark Cedeno told News 12 New Jersey. "A lot of times people go in for service, the batteries fully charged, because [they] were just driving the car."

Instead of being forced to walk to the nearest service station in the sweltering head next time you get a flat, why not opt into a roadside assistance program? If you are considering it, here are some of the key aspects of roadside assistance:

What it covers
Depending where you purchase your roadside and what plan you sign up for, you may be eligible for difference roadside assistance features, including:

  • Gas delivery.
  • Tire repair or replacement.
  • Battery jumpstart or replacement.
  • Lockouts.
  • Towing.
  • Discounts on repair from approved dealers.
  • Lodging and food discounts at approved locations.

Keep in mind that there may be limits to your coverage: Towing may only be within a certain area, a specific number of miles or to an approved repair shop. A tow outside of your coverage could result in an additional per-mile fee. There may also be regional boundaries, so if you are driving out of the country your coverage may be limited. 

It can cover other vehicles
Roadside assistance is available for a variety of vehicles including RVs, classic cars, motorcycles and even boats. The key is to inform your roadside assistance provider when you sign up that you will need coverage for a nontraditional motor vehicle. 

How roadside assistance interacts with insurance
Roadside assistance can interact with insurance in several distinct ways. It is often available as an auto insurance policy add-on or discounted for having insurance. It also might be required under your insurance policy that you have roadside assistance. Often, your provider will have a preferred carrier for roadside assistance and some degree of reciprocation regarding discounts.

Roadside assistance, combined with traditional car insurance, can ensure that you are safe and protected on the roads. Looking for low rates on car insurance in Hampton? Fundy Mutual has you covered. Call us today for a quote.