Motorcycle safety tips for you and your bike

August 25th, 2015 by admin

Whether you're a new motorcycle owner who picked up your first bike this summer or a veteran rider looking to get a few more rides in before the autumn chill sets in, late summer is one of the most popular times to take your motorcycle out for a ride. Before you hit the road for your next jaunt, however, take a moment to review these safety tips to ensure both you and your bike make it back unscathed. 

Give your bike a quick check-up

Get in the habit of giving your bike a once-over before each ride, checking to make sure everything's in proper working order. Test your lights, horn, turn signals and brakes, and make sure your tires are properly inflated. Then, check the chain, belt or shaft and all of the cables to make sure everything will be moving smoothly once you're on the go. 

Gear up

Wearing the right gear while on your motorcycle is about more than just comfort, it is integral to protecting you in the event of an accident. If your helmet doesn't have a built-in visor, get goggles. Don't rely on eyeglasses or your bike's windscreen for adequate protection from wind or debris. For maximum protection, wear a leather or other reinforced jacket, gloves, full pants, and over-the-ankle footwear. If your gear feels uncomfortable in the summer heat, you can find jackets that incorporate breathable mesh, alongside durable padding, into their design. 

Avoid road hazards

Your bike has fewer points of contact with the road than a car, making debris like sand or wet leaves major hazards that could initiate a skid. If you can't avoid them, slow down as much as possible before you reach them, and steer as little as possible when driving over them. 

Stay out of the rain

Besides being uncomfortable, riding in the rain reduces your tires' grip on the road and cuts your visibility, limiting your maneuverability. When at all possible, try to avoid riding in the rain. If there's no way around it, be especially gentle with the brakes, throttle and steering to avoid sliding in wet conditions. 


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