Here are some auto safety features you may wish to consider.

New Auto Safety Features To Look For

November 17th, 2016 by

Here are some auto safety features you may wish to consider.

Looking to buy a new car? You probably want something that is affordable and reliable, but also stylish and fun to drive. 

However, don't forget about important safety features. At the end of the day, your car's job is to get you to and from your destination without injury.

Obviously, reliable seatbelts and airbags are a plus. But there are other, more recent technologies that look quite promising and are quickly making their way into the latest vehicles. Here are some things you should look for when shopping for your new vehicle:

  • Electronic stability control. Many SUVs already have rollover mitigation technology, but electronic stability control applies to vehicles of all sizes. These systems will strategically apply the brakes when a loss of steering control is detected, helping the car slow down and avoid skidding out of control.
  • Rearview cameras. Certain cars make it difficult to get a clear view directly behind them, which can pose a challenge for drivers. However, rearview cameras offer a wide-angle view of an important blind spot. 
  • Adaptive cruise control. Turning on cruise control is a great way to achieve better fuel economy when driving at high speeds down long stretches of road. This becomes slightly more problematic in traffic, though. Adaptive cruise control automatically senses when the vehicles ahead are too close and adjusts your speed accordingly. 

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