New Brunswick insurance companies busy with Arthur-related claims

July 10th, 2014 by admin

Post-tropical storm Arthur has surpassed New Brunswick records. All of New Brunswick received heavy rainfall, and CBC reports that Arthur has been responsible for creating the largest blackout in the province's history. Receiving 143 millimeters on Saturday, St. Stephen was hit with the highest amount of rain recorded from the storm in the Maritimes. It also experienced the strongest winds which reached gusts of 100 km/h. Power across much of the province was shut down. As of Wednesday, NB Power claimed that 42,000 customers were still waiting to have their power restored.

As anticipated after such an event, New Brunswick insurance companies have been receiving a much higher volume of claims. 

The following presents a basic outline of what most home insurance plans cover. Also, included is advice to homeowners as they take the first steps in handling the storm's damage to their property. This can be helpful to customers as they await answers and direct assistance from their insurance providers.


  • Wind damage
  • Debris removal if a house or other structure is struck (Debris removal happens prior to actually assessing damage since homeowners can only know the full extent of damage after the debris has been removed). 

Not Covered:

  • Debris removal in the event that a structure is not struck during the storm or afterward
  • Cars, even those in the garage or driveway

Other advice:

  • ​Individuals are encouraged to take photos of the damage. They can do this as a preliminary step even before the adjuster comes.
  • If safety permits, they can also begin the clean up process.
  • Also, if they have the ability, it is a good idea to protect their house and other property from additional damage. Amanda Dean of the Insurance Bureau of Canada Atlantic instructs people to do things such as "board up holes, move items out of wet basements, and keep all receipts and expenses related to the clean up." Taking these steps is important as they will all be part of your claim, adds Dean.