Owners of new homes should take steps to prevent overheating

July 14th, 2014 by admin

New research from the National House Building Council (NHBC) advises new home owners to protect their properties against overheating. New homes, especially flats and one-sided properties, that do not enable cross ventilation, are more prone to overheating than other structures, claims the NHBC. However, it is not just new homeowners who should protect their homes from overheating. During the summer months, it is especially important that all homeowners take basic steps that can prevent this issue, while also cooling down their homes and reducing utility expenses. 

The North American Precis Syndicate, Inc. (NAPSI) suggests taking certain steps: 

One adjustment you can make is to reduce your usage of appliances. Use the grill, rather than your oven, and turn on the non-heated drying setting on your dishwasher. Also, allow washed clothes to air dry, which will give them a pleasant, fresh scent.

You can also change the light bulbs in your home from incandescents to CFL and LED. The latter are more energy efficient. Use longer-lasting LED bulbs in garages or rooms with high ceilings, which are less easily reached. Make sure to switch out the bulbs in the rooms of your house that are warmest or get the most frequent use.

Choose to increase your use of fans, saving on AC costs. Yet, do not make the mistake of leaving your fan on while you're out. This increases costs and does not actually work in keeping your room cool. 

Finally, check your air conditioning system for duct leaks. In a forced air system, ducts transport air from your AC unit to the rest of the building, explains wiseGEEK, a website that offers straight-forward answers to common questions. If it turns out your ductwork is not working properly, the efficiency of your AC will be reduced. Call a HVAC professional to examine your system and make any necessary tweaks. 

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