Protect against common types of burglars: The opportunist and the smasher

July 14th, 2015 by admin

The five typologies of burglars are all dangerous and you should always feel that your home is protected and that you are prepared for a potential intrusion. Use this guide to ensure you're ready for the unique dangers presented by each type and the necessary precautions to take.

The opportunist

This kind of criminal has a few years of experience, usually including lock-picking. They'll take advantage of any entry point that is quick and accessible, such as an unlocked door, but will put in more effort if they've seen something valuable that they know is inside. 

The opportunist won't spend hours scouting the parameters of your property or premeditating the crime, but if they find a good chance in the moment, they'll strike. They're usually after a simple, quick payout like a handful of jewelry or a laptop.

Your solution

Locking each possible point of entry is the best way to protect against the opportunist. Installing dead bolts is always a good idea and make sure to keep all valuable items out of view from windows.

The smasher

The dangerous combination of aggression and impulsivity defines the smasher. They're quick to break in a door or window on a mere hunch that something worthwhile is inside.

Because of the consequent noise level emitted by a forced entry, they perform the invasion quickly to avoid getting caught by attentive neighbors. Rushing through your house will likely result in severe property damage. They're more likely to break in during the day while you're at work to evade detection.

In many cases, this type of burglar will take anything in the house regardless of worth to support drug habits.

Your solution

Because the smasher is capable of and eager to cause physical damage, locks won't do much. Therefore, investing in a security camera or alarm system is your best option.

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