Don't let rodents take over your home this winter.

Protect Your Home From Rodents This Winter

December 15th, 2016 by

Don't let rodents take over your home this winter.

When it's cold outside, rodents need shelter like everyone else; and there's a chance they will choose your warm, inviting home this winter.

This is not an outcome that any homeowner wants. Rodents might look harmless from a distance, but if they enter your home they can multiply, spreading diseases and chewing through structures and wires.

The first step to keeping your home rodent-free this winter is recognizing the signs of an infestation:

  • Droppings. Rodent droppings are small, dark and circular. They tend to appear near food sources.
  • Bite marks. Strange holes may appear in bags or boxes of food – especially grains.
  • Sounds. If you hear skittering noises in the walls or ceiling, this could be a sign that rodents have moved in. 

Serious infestations will require you to call a professional. But if the problem only seems to involve one or two rodents, there are steps you can take yourself to get rid of them:

  • Clean up all sources of food. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink. Sweep up bread crumbs off the counter. Transfer flour and rice to sealed, plastic containers that can't be bitten. If rodents can't feed themselves in your home, they're less likely to come back.
  • Seal holes. Sometimes, rodents come and go, entering and exiting your home through small gaps. These can be the result of an aging structure, or of a home improvement project that was never completely sealed. Steel wool is a great material with which to fill gaps, as it can't be chewed. Just remember that rodents can fit in smaller holes than you think.
  • Set traps. Whether you choose traps that will kill rodents instantly or those that will simply trap them, its important to set these in areas where they tend to congregate.

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