Protect your property from hail damage with these 4 tips

August 26th, 2015 by admin

One of the quickest yet most damaging weather events, a hailstorm can come and go in a matter of minutes, leaving a wake of dented cars and shattered windows in its wake. Thunderstorms produce hail when water vapor catches an updraft and freezes, then falls and collects more water on its way down. As they fall, hailstones usually grow to be anywhere from 5 mm to 10 cm in diameter and reach speeds of up to 100 kph, giving them the potential to inflict significant damage when they fall. To safeguard your home and property from hail damage, use these tips before the next severe thunderstorm. 

Impact-resistant roofing

Next time you upgrade or repair your roof, consider using impact-resistant materials for the job. They can withstand pounding hail, protecting your roof from busting a leak that could lead to costly water damage. 

Watch out for windows

If you find yourself at home during a hailstorm, close the curtains, drapes, or blinds as quickly as possible after the onset of the storm. Hail can shatter glass, so the curtains will provide an extra layer of protection so no glass blows into the house. Once you've closed the blinds, steer clear of the windows until the hail has subsided. 

Protect patio furniture

Patio furniture can be easy to forget about in a hailstorm because it can usually withstand summer weather. Hailstones, however, can dent metal or plastic furniture or break glass tables. If it looks like it might hail, get into the habit of bringing your lawn furniture in, or at least covering it, before the hail starts. 

Bring in your car

Whenever possible, park your car inside a garage or under a carport if there's a storm coming. All it takes is one hailstone to do serious damage, so be proactive about bringing it in before the ice starts coming down. Also, be sure to find out whether or not your auto insurance policy covers hail damage. If not, and if you live in a hail-prone area, you might want to consider adding it to your coverage.

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