Protect your home from theft this holiday.

Protect Yourself From Theft This holiday

November 28th, 2016 by

Protect your home from theft this holiday.

There are certain times when you face a greater risk of being burglarized. Thieves are more likely to strike during the day when they suspect that your home is empty and you are at work. They may also try to break in late at night when you are asleep.

In addition, there are certain times of year when your home becomes a more attractive target. Coming up is the holiday season, when your house will be full of gifts – some quite valuable.

Here are some tips for reducing your risk of suffering a break in during the most wonderful time of the year.

  • Use lighting to make your home seem occupied. There's a good chance you'll be hanging holiday decorations and lights anyway. You should use this as an excuse to make your home a little brighter – by leaving your indoor lights on a timer when you aren't home. It gets dark early in the winter, and you don't want to suggest that your home is empty and unguarded.
  • Don't leave signs of your buying binge. If you bought a lot of fancy electronics, don't casually leave the boxes on the side of the road for garbage or recycling pickup. Break them down and make them less conspicuous, so it isn't obvious that these items can be found inside.
  • Be careful where you pile snow. In the summer, homeowners are warned about letting their hedges grow in a way that offers thieves cover. Snow isn't quite as good for camouflage, but a pile in the wrong place – such as blocking a window – could give a thief a place to hide.

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