Don't let hail destroy your car.

Protecting your car from hail damage

January 31st, 2017 by

Don't let hail destroy your car.

Hail comes in many forms. Sometimes it arrives as mild, icy pellets that do little harm. But, less frequently, hail can arrive as large chunks the size of small stones or even golf balls. This can be quite damaging to both people and property.

What do you do about your car when you know that a hailstorm is impending? While the smallest hailstones probably won't do much to your automobile's exterior, a more severe storm could scratch paint, dent the body and even break windows. That could leave you with thousands of dollars worth of damage. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some tips for preparing your car for the next hailstorm:

  • Find cover. This is an obvious one. If you have a garage, or any sort of awning that you can park your car under during a hailstorm, do so. Preparing becomes more challenging when the weather gets poor as you are away from home. A good tip is to plug in the locations of nearby covered garages into your GPS. This way, you'll always know if there is shelter nearby.
  • Purchase a car cover. Hail protection technology has actually gotten pretty impressive over the years. You have the option of purchasing an inflatable cover that will act as a giant airbag for your vehicle, even during the harshest of hailstorms. Just keep an eye on the weather so you know when you might need to use it.
  • If all else fails, improvise. Sometimes, hail really catches everyone by surprise. Try to cover your car with whatever you have available as soon as possible. Blankets can work. Even your floor mats can protect the windshield at a minimum. Just be sure to tape this protection down in the event of high winds.

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