Safety and claims advice after a car accident

August 14th, 2014 by admin

We recently offered safety tips for drivers, especially during long road trips. Now we want to offer advice you should follow in the event of a car accident. Sometimes even the most responsible motorists with safe driving records can find themselves in accidents. The following advice from the Insurance Bureau of Canada provides you with important information you'll need for your own safety and the claims process:

  • The most important thing to emphasize is safety. You should always call the police if someone is injured, you think the driver may be guilty of a criminal offense, such as drunk driving and there is considerable property damage to the vehicle or other structures.
  • Next, you should take down all of the most central facts. Include information about how the accident happened, including the speed of the cars involved, driving and weather conditions. In addition, it is critical to write down the other drivers' contact information and the information of other passengers and witnesses. Make sure to also get the insurance information of the other drivers, as well as license and plate numbers.
  • Document the accident as best you can through taking photos or composing a sketch. If you don't have a camera or phone with such a function, draw a sketch which shows the position and direction of the cars. 

While you are responsible for protecting your car from further losses, your insurance provider will cover accident costs if you have already obtained collision or all perils insurance.

To make the accident reporting process easier, use the Bureau's accident report form

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