Saint John cracking down on illegal parking spots

February 20th, 2015 by admin

Saint John is seeking to crack down on illegal parking lots that are competing with city-owned or managed facilities, Connell Smith of CBC News reports

Amy Poffenroth, the city's deputy commissioner for inspections and permitting, told CBC News that initial data showed that there are hundreds of parking spaces in the central part of the city in lots that are not registered or not zoned for that use.

The Saint John Parking Commission has said that there's consequently been a significant drop in municipal revenue from lots, on-street parking and fines. 

Over the next two to three months, a city enforcement officer will be on the lookout for parking lots which are violating bylaw and zoning rules. The owners of non-compliant lots will be contacted directly, at which point they'll have to either register or apply to rezone the lot.

Donna Reardon, the chairperson of the city's parking commission, explains that those who register successfully may find they'll have to pay new property taxes they were able to avoid before. 

"They would need a permit to do that. That permit, I assume, would kick over to Service New Brunswick," said Reardon."Your lot then becomes an income property and it's taxed appropriately, versus just a vacant, empty lot."

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