Keep your backyard deck in tip-top shape with these tips.

Staying safe on your backyard deck

April 29th, 2016 by

Keep your backyard deck in tip-top shape with these tips.

A backyard deck is a great place to relax and take in nature on a sunny day. It can also be dangerous: Decks that aren't structurally sound can pose a serious collapse hazard. With FiberOn reporting many decks over 20 years old, the changing of the seasons marks a perfect time to ensure that a decks is safe before summertime comes and it sees heavy use. Follow these tips to make sure that your deck is as secure as it can possibly be:

Check the boards
Are you seeing significant warping or splintering? This could be a sign that your deck surface needs to be refinished or even replaced. Depending on wear, a simple coat of varnish to something more intensive could do the trick.

Examine flashing
Flashing is the waterproof material connecting the deck to your home – as well as the area most prone to erosion or damage over time by the elements. In fact, waterproofing is key to keeping liquid from seeping into your home's foundation and causing more damage.

Check fastenings
From railings to stairs, pay attention to the integrity of all bolts and fastenings. When you touch them, do they wobble or shift? Fastening should be able to support the weight of several people. Railings in particular are important since you don't want to be leaning on them only to find them give way under you. 

Monitor exit points
Exits from both your home to the deck and your deck to your yard are of the gravest importance: Not only are they going to see a lot of traffic, but in the event of an emergency, they may turn out to be an essential escape. Be sure that all stairways are unobstructed and steps can support a person's full weight. 

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