Try these inexpensive ways to get a fresh new look at home.

The cheapest and easiest ways to improve your home

July 26th, 2016 by

Try these inexpensive ways to get a fresh new look at home.

A significant home renovation can be daunting – particularly if you are strapped for time and cash. If you want to forgo an expensive remodel, here are a few inexpensive and simple DIY ways to improve the look and value of your home:

Give appliances a 'face-lift'
Many appliance manufacturers offer new doors or face panels in a variety of colors. If you find that your appliances don't match the decor of your kitchen or bathroom, simply order new faceplates. A similar effect can involve swapping your standard plastic lightswitch covers with something chrome or brass.

Dress up your furniture
No need to buy new pieces of furniture if your old ones are still comfortable and appropriate for the space. Simply get fitted slipcovers or have a favorite chair or couch reupholstered for a fresh look. 

Update your front door
Your front door is the first thing guests and visitors see when they arrive at your home. Buying a new door can be pricey, but a fresh coat of paint or a new door knocker can make a home all the more inviting. 

Simple bathroom updates
Updating your bathroom can offer very strong return on investment, but only if you make selective updates. Rather than a costly overhaul, consider a more minor update by replacing toilet seats, sink fixtures and showerheads. Simple easy-to-apply vinyl tiles also can give your bathroom a whole new vibe.

Paint, paint, paint!
Never underestimate how a new coat of paint can refresh a room. Consider swapping dark, dour colors for something bright and seasonal. Not only is painting inexpensive, but it's a great project to get the kids involved with – just ask Tom Sawyer!

Swap out old rugs
Rugs have a tendency to become dated quickly – not to mention musty from use and pet odors. You can either have your rugs steam-cleaned or simply replace them entirely with something fresher. 

LED lights to brighten up a room
Not all light fixture additions need to have expensive wiring or be built into the walls. Adding some strips of LED lights under kitchen cabinets can brighten things up and make it feel modern-chic without having to hire an electrician. 

Focus on storage
Even if you have limited closet, attic or basement space, a few discrete wire and laminate closet systems and plastic storage bins can help reduce the eyesore of items you don't use regularly. 

Simply rearranging
Rearranging furniture or getting rid of cluster costs nothing and can totally change the way your home looks and feels.

Keep in mind that, with these simple fixes, the value of your home may increase enough to warrant updating your home insurance policy. Talk to your home insurance broker at Fundy Mutual to learn more.