This user-friendly smoke and CO2 detector can help protect your home

June 23rd, 2015 by admin

The Nest Protect is an industrial-grade smoke detector and carbon monoxide sensor. It's also the first alarm in existence that allows you to remotely silence it from your smartphone. It tells you if there are safety issues and what the warnings entail in a friendly human voice and can also send notifications to your phone.

Here are some features of the Protect:

  • Built-in microphone that will auto-self-test its speaker once a month while you're unlikely to be home to make sure that it makes sound.
  • Lifespan of a decade.
  • Internal curves to allow smoke to flow into the device easier.
  • Mesh filter to keep bugs out.

The greatest advantage of this device is that it reduces potential fire damage by alerting you to an issue as early as possible. Many other devices can detect when there is smoke or fire only while it is just beneath its sensor. When it is installed all the way up on your ceiling, older devices pretty much only protect your home's structure and foundation – the Nest Protect saves your belongings as well.

The frequent traveler will have peace of mind while away from their home on vacations or business trips because the Protect will remotely alert you to any issues. After receiving the alert, be sure to contact your local fire department because the gadget is currently unable to perform that function.

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