Tips for buying homeowners insurance: Part 1 [Video] [Video]

September 18th, 2015 by admin

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Along with shorter days and changing leaves, the onset of autumn marks the end of the busiest time of year for home buying. Whether you’re a new homeowner or are simply looking to update your coverage before winter weather blows through, autumn is an ideal time to ensure you have the best homeowners insurance policy for your needs. To help you find a policy that gives you the best peace of mind without breaking the bank, we’d like to give you some tips. Today, we’ll focus on finding a policy that covers the entire value of your home.

In order to determine how much insurance you need, it’s important to know the actual value of your home. This way, if any or all of your home is damaged or destroyed, you will know what it will cost to replace.

It is crucial to be precise during this stage. Over-valuing your house can result in excessive premiums, while under-valuing it can leave you uncovered in an emergency. To get the truest value for your home, consider consulting a home builder or assessment company.

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