Here are some tips to prevent flooding in your home.

Tips For Preventing Flooding

November 17th, 2016 by

Here are some tips to prevent flooding in your home.

We all want a home that is cozy and dry, and no one wants to deal with excess water. But small leaks are one thing, while flooding is another.

Whether it's because of a sewage backup, a burst pipe or extreme weather, flooding can cost thousands of dollars in damage, as well as leave you stressed out and sopping wet.

Here are some tips for reducing your home's risk of flooding:

  • Seal your foundation against storm water. A crack in the wrong place can let water in during extreme storms. Cracks can form over time due to weather changes, and it helps to fill them in periodically before they grow larger. If the cracking appears to be extensive, it may help to call a professional.
  • Defend against sewer backup. These can be hard to stop once they start, so it is important to take protective measures. One-way drain plug protection, for instance, allows water to exit the drain without rising back out. To prevent more serious flooding, installing a standpipe in the basement gives water a way to rise without seeping through the floor. Instead, it will travel up a sealed, vertical pipe until the water level outside falls.
  • Monitor pipes for signs of breaking. Burst pipes are the biggest problems in the winter if your heating system fails to keep them at an optimal temperature. In addition, the water itself may be too cold, causing the pipes to contract and crack. Be sure to monitor them closely so you can catch small fractures before they get worse.

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