Don't let your brakes deteriorate.

Tips For Regular Brake Maintenance

November 2nd, 2016 by

Don't let your brakes deteriorate.

Your car has no shortage of safety systems, ranging from seat belts to side airbags. But few things will keep you safer than well-functioning brakes. These are your first line of defense against potential car accidents, and you should be checking them regularly to ensure that they continue to function as expected. That last thing you want is a sudden brake failure while on the road.

Here are some brake maintenance tips:

  • Check the pads. Brake pads will wear over time due to friction, and there will come a point where they have to be replaced. In many cars, you can actually observe their thickness just by looking at each wheel from the side. Consider getting your pads checked if your brakes feel less effective than usual, or if you hear a strange squealing whenever you apply pressure to the pedal. 
  • Watch your fluid levels. Though leaks can happen, ideally you should not have a problem with rapidly falling brake fluid levels – if so, get your car to a mechanic immediately. However, your brake fluid can absorb moisture and contaminants that will lessen its effectiveness, and should be changed every two years.
  • Repeat frequently. If you drive your car every day, you should inspects its brakes every six months at the very least to ensure that they are in good shape.

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