Tips for teen drivers: Part 3 [Video]

July 23rd, 2015 by admin

Hi, welcome back to Fundy Mutual!

Today, we’re continuing our guide for keeping your teen driver safe and sharing some of our tips on communication with you.

Communication is the key to mutual understanding – something young adults respond well to. Having a heart-to-heart with your child will help them see the significance of driver safety. Let them know that driving is a privilege and before you give them the keys, clearly outline your expectations for their behavior.

Putting together a contract that details the rules they have to abide by regarding texting, speeding and passenger count as well as potential consequences for irresponsibility will ensure that you’re on the same page.

Your kids will look up to you, so be sure to set a good example. Always drive defensively, wear your seatbelt, never drive while under the influence and avoid distractions.

Thanks for checking in and stay safe!