Tips for teen drivers: Part 4 [Video]

July 28th, 2015 by admin

Welcome back to the Fundy Mutual blog!

For our final installment of our guide to handling teen drivers, we’re going to give you tips on teaching your child responsibility as well as cutting the cost of your premium.

A good way to cut some costs while teaching your young driver the responsibility of owning a car is to have them pay for some of the expenses. This could be gasoline, part of the monthly insurance bill, oil changes or other maintenance. They’ll take driving more seriously and be safer if they realize how much goes into the vehicle.

Make sure that they follow safe driving practices if they’re under your policy. Speeding is the most common violation as well as the most common factor in teen accidents, so stress the importance of following the speed limit. If you and your child remain accident-free, you could qualify for a discount on your premium.

Thanks for following this guide and be safe!