Tips for winter-proofing your home: Part 2

November 27th, 2014 by admin

Recently, we discussed tips for winter-proofing your home, explaining how you can guard against the risk of freezing pipes. Now we want to offer more tips for making sure your home is protected this winter.

Here are six cost-effective measures you can take to protect your home this winter, as compiled from

1. Program the thermostat.

Programmable thermostats can help save you money on heating costs. You can set the thermostat to different temperatures, depending on the time of your day and schedule. For example, you can set it to a lower temperature while you're at work or at night. 18 C (65 F) is a reasonable temperature to set it during these times.

2. Fill in any cracks.

Make sure there are no gaps in your walls, foundation, doors or windows. Filling in any gaps with foam and caulking prevents cold winds from entering your home. Taking this step also reduces your heating costs. For sealing off gaps in doors and windows, use weather stripping or silicone caulking.

3. Install more insulation.

If you notice a trend of your home being chilly in the winter and hot in the summer, insulation may be the right solution. The attic and your basement are good places to start. You can hire an insulation professional to inspect your house and determine whether extra insulation is the right option. In terms of insulation materials, you can use fiberglass and or spray foam, which has become increasingly popular.

4. Inspect and Clean your furnace.

Before winter comes, hire a heating company to inspect and clean your furnace. Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment. You should also regularly change your furnace each season. In addition, replace your filter every three months—this ensures that your air remains clean and also keeps levels of dust down.

5. Stock up on salt or de-icer

Make sure that you stock up on salt or de-icer to keep your walkways, driveway and sidewalks clear. You should apply salt or de-icer to any area that gets foot traffic. By stocking up early in the season, you can often get discounts from home stores. It also makes the tasks of lifting heavy bags and jugs out of your vehicle easier as you don't have to deal with snow. Finally, be sure to apply salt or de-icer early during snowfalls. 

6. Use boot trays, winter mats and throws

Boot trays, winter mats and throws are affordable ways to keep your home clean and keep yourself warmer throughout the winter. Boot trays and mats offer a simple, cost-effective way to keep your foyer clean. Not only is this solution inexpensive, it also saves time you would otherwise have to spend cleaning your floor. 

Throws are another solution to keep you warm. By shielding you from the heat from the furnace, they will also save your skin from drying out. 

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