Tips for winter-proofing your home

November 20th, 2014 by admin

It is important to take steps to protect your home this winter from severe weather. Freezing pipes are one risk you want to guard against. Water damage during the winter season is also one of the most common claims among homeowners. Yet, it is something you can prevent.

Houselogic offers some helpful tips for preventing freezing pipes.

First, the source lists the pipes at the greatest risk for freezing. These include: exposed pipes in cool, unheated areas of your home, pipes located in exterior walls and any plumbing located on the exterior of your house.

Luckily, there are steps homeowners can take to alleviate the risk of pipes freezing. 

Pipes in your basement are in a heated area of your home, and therefore are less vulnerable to freezing. However, plumbing pipes located in unheated areas, including the attic, crawl space and garage stand at a greater risk. A solution to this potential problem is foam pipe insulation. If you live in a cold area, consider thermostatically controlled heat tape—this will turn on when temperatures drop below a certain point.

Under-insulated walls are another susceptible area of your home. 

"If pipes traveling in exterior walls have frozen in the past (tell-tale signs include water damage, mold, and moisture build-up), it's probably because of inadequate or improperly installed insulation. It might well be worth the couple hundred dollars it costs to open up the wall and beef up the insulation," HouseLogic states.

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