Understand the risks that come with warm weather

March 24th, 2014 by admin

It's officially spring again! April is only a few short days away and most, if not all of the snow you experienced this winter is gone. The grass is turning green and trees are starting to bloom. It's a great time to go outside and enjoy the weather. It's an opportunity for you to open your windows for the first time in months and really enjoy the fresh spring air blowing through your home. However, just because it's warmer and the harsh cold winter is behind you, that doesn't mean you are immune to risk. Understanding these risks can help you prepare this season.

Here are a few to take note of:

Animals – When the weather gets warmer you might want to prop open a window or even the front door to your house. When you do this, it's important to be careful of the small critters that can enter your home uninvited. Various bugs or mice might use the nicer weather to get out of the ground and explore. If they make it into your home, they could do damage, particularly if they get into your walls.

Criminals – Perhaps the biggest risk associated with opening your windows or doors to let the warm air in is the fact that you are exposing your most private possessions to the outside world. Just walking down the street to a neighbor's house or the store can leave your home vulnerable if you leave a window open. 

Water – We have discussed flooding in the past, and it's a very real and serious risk that can impact the quality of your home. Make sure you keep an eye on areas where water can get inside. 

Working with a local insurance agent will allow you to identify, understand and prevent these risks.